Student’s Demands on and Expectations

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But still, they are not mature enough to take complete responsibility (although partial) for their actions and reactions.
University students, on the other hand, are much more mature and are completely able to live a life on their own. They can take their own decisions, make their own choices and are able to take the responsibility for their actions and reactions, whatsoever.
There are thousands of all kinds of expectations and demands made on high school students. These demands create an environment that puts a pressure on the students enabling them to familiarize with competition and professionalism. These demands help them become more realistic, more practical, more familiarized with the outer world (outside their innocent nutshells) and come out of their childhood fantasy-world.
Teachers demand students to be more mature in their studies, mainly assignments, writings, papers, reports, presentations, etc. They also demand them to be less childish and more grown-up for that matter.
After so many things expected from high school students, they have some expectations in turn too. They expect their elders to be more cooperating and helping as their lives become more and more challenging so that they get thorough this very difficult, yet interesting and very memorable part of their lives. They expect their teachers to assist them in the more challenging jobs and assignments assigned to them and want a little leniency, at least in the attitude, to help them cope with these new challenges.
Demands on University Students:
University students are subjected to similar expectations as the high school students as well but on a much higher level. Since they are considered to be much more grown up and mature. Considered to be old enough, they are expected to portray a bit more adult behavior than high school students.
Their teachers expect them to be more professional and able to understand harder things easily. Since they are about to enter the actual professional world soon enough, they are expected to come out of books, understand the practical world and act accordingly. The environment of a university is rather professional than educational since the main thing to be taught at this level is professionalism and practicality and not education (since that is what is done throughout their previous years – like high school)
Parents expect them to be almost completely on their own. Sometimes, they are even expected to fulfill their financial requirements themselves through some part-time job etc (unlike high school students who are completely dependent upon parents).
Expectations of University Students:
Unlike high school students, the expectations of university students are comparatively more practical and realistic. They try to be on their own as much as they can but obviously they are not independent grown-ups (but on the verge of being one). So they expect at least some leverage in some such regards. Similarly, they are not