Student Evaluation Form

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Specific examples of such acts of professional behavior can be given in regards to how the student keep data and information confidential and monitors patients to ensure that patients stick precisely to prescription even if patients begin to record substantial degrees of recovery.

Rapport with staff and patients
The student shows a positive inter-personal relationship with patients in terms of attending to their needs in the consulting room and in the office. Such an inter-personal relationship is exhibited through the patience with which the trainee has in listening to the problems of patients and the patience taken to give out reasons and explanations as to why patients experience certain conditions. There however exists some little amount of limitation when it comes to rapport with staff. Specifically, the trainee often wants to work independently and is therefore not very comfortable with teamwork.

As far as motivation is concerned, it can be said that the student has a very high level of intrinsic motivation that urges him to give off his best at work even when not asked to attend to certain tasks. This motivation is translated into regularity and punctuality to work (Ameyaw, 2009).