Student Council Speech

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I think from the way I have managed to carry out myself, I may say that I am a responsible and dedicated individual. Several contestants have made promises to you. however, I will be honest, and I cannotpromisesomething that I know is not possible to fulfill. What I maypromiseis that, if given a chance, as a leader, I will have time for you, listen to your complaints and present them to the right departments.If youvoteme in as thestudents’leader, Ipromiseto do the following for my fellowstudents. First, I will do my best to create a good rapport betweenteachersand learners. Secondly, I will try my best to make sure student’s pleas are heard, and a solution to them found. I will organize with theschooladministration so that we may come up with a WAC organization to help learners through fundraisings. I am also thinking of the idea of coming up with a GreenDay specifically meant to ringstudents together through planting flowers and recycling water bottles. I would also request the administration to build a GradeWall. Each grade will be given awall to beautify it. By showing the artistic and fun part of your drawing, you will be able to leave back a legacy for the incoming class to see.I will also campaign for a read for cause mouth, which will act as a competition betweenstudents.teachers. Each side will be given certain books to read, then once done, there will be a sort of election where youvotefor the book you feel is the best. We may also come up with aday, and this day will have to be included in theschoolactivitiescalendar. There will be a sports competition between learners .teachers. I will also recommend the administration to set aside some time meant for entertainment. We will call it the movie night. There is also the PinchDay, and studentswill get a chance to dine from outside as they interact with one another.I will also campaign for fundraising and charityactivitiesto help the less fortunate. However, what we all need to understand is that this is my resolutions when elected. Some will be fulfilled in time, while others may need added time. I believe I have the right personalities to lead you and help better ourschoolinto a top-notch learning institution.My student council speech essay says a lot about me. Voteme in for a change. Regards, Raga Rachuru.