Student Action Plan

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Personal Use of Natural Resources With respect to the maintenance of natural resources, one of the important factors is the use and maintenance of natural resources. There are three main classes of natural resources, and the classes that I have direct contact with are exhaustible and renewable resources. In my opinion, the best way to sustain the resources that we come into contact with is by ensuring that they are put to the best use possible and recycled as much as possible to avoid wastage or harm to the environment. In as much as I do not provide a very big impact, I try to conserve natural resources like water and ensure that it is used correctly. For example, I ensure that the water in my nearest environment is reused as much as possible and that the environment around me is not affected too much by the in which I engage. Personal Impact on the Environment From an analysis of all my activities, I would say that my impact on the environment is positive. This is because I help in the conservation of the environment and involve myself in activities that help in the promotion of the environment. …
Despite the fact that I lack too much knowledge on recycling and other complexities, I try to reuse the resources that I use and avoid dumping used products in ways that would harm the environment. Impact of Personal Use of Resources As already stated, the environment and its conservation are based on collective effort and the involvement of the whole community. In my use of resources and raising awareness, I would say that my use of resources affects other people in the society positively. I try to raise awareness about the resources in my local society and how their use can help raise the ecological integrity of the region. Therefore, I can say that my use of resources in the way that I use them helps in encouraging the conservation of the environment in the society in which I live. Sustainability Goals With respect to ecological integrity, environmental maintenance and sustainability, my sustainability goal is to ensure that all people in my local community are made aware of the part that they play in the sustainability of the environment. This is a goal that I try to achieve by simple passing of messages and information about the role of each individual in the environment and the parts that they can play in ensuring that the environment is conserved. This is something I can do by ensuring communicating with the community about the aspects mentioned above and ensuring that the community understands the importance of the environment. After reading the aims of the millennium development goals, I think that every individual can make a difference in the environment by ensuring that the small environment in which they live in is well catered form. For example, every individual effort to reduce the use of non-bio degradable products