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Sustainability plan Sustainability: refers to the ability of humans to co-exist in harmony in the social and economic environment in the present time and in the future and still manage to stay productive.
Sustainable systems: a sustainability system is an action plan in which an individual, community or a country sought to adopt or have already adopted to allow them to survive and remain productive in both the present and the times to come.
Sustainable lifestyle: this refers to a way of living that is fit for productivity and survival of both the current times and the times yet to come.
Sustainability is important to me as an individual since it defines my ethical responsibility to survive yet not affect others in the process. To the community and the nation or the world at large, the decisions we make in the present to ensure limiting those of the generations in the future, hence they should be sound and wise. For example if we waste the clean supply of water now and continue to pollute the remaining by industrial waste, we are assured that the forthcoming generation will be forced to desalinate water.
From my educational experience I seek to treasure the environment as the most precious gift that the creator ever awarded man as a source of resources. I also seek to enlighten others on the importance of utilizing our resources accordingly. It is also my obligation to inform others that sustainability is not only a matter of environmental maintenance but as a social responsibility of all and to ensure that they maintain ethical behaviors. It is with no doubt that based on my interest in this field I will be highly interested in advancing in this field of professionalism.
In order to ensure that I play a productive role in ensuring the sustainability of the environment, I must be socially responsible. To ensure that we have reliable soil, I seek to enlighten others on the importance of not dumping untreated chemical waste. To save water, I will minimize waste of water and ensuring that I tell others on the same. Finally when it comes to minimizing wastage of resources, I seek to educate others on the importance or recycling and reusing material so as to outdoor reduce the stress on the need for new ones.
I must make a difference on this planet because it houses my present and my future, together with that of others too. It is therefore my responsibility to ensure the existence of both the present and the future. In this light, below I present my sustainability plan:
At home
Back in the house, I seek to completely change the lighting system to use energy saving bulbs. In addition the source of electricity is to be changed from grid electricity to renewable energy sources such as solar panels. I also want to advocate for purchase of fully electric cars like the Tesla s.
To the community, I would like to educate them on the importance of both management of water and disposal of all types of waste. With this in place, there will be less pollution and less wastage.
In campus
At the campus, I seek to audit their energy use, from which I will be able to assist them on how to minimize wastage. I would also seek to convert their transport systems from fossil fuels to biodiesel, and encourage the students to go green by launching a green cup challenge.
To the nation and the world at large
I want to work with several organizations that seeks to have a greener world like one that I have identified in Kenya. In addition, I would like to work with the school administration to implement an online initiative that will educate all of the importance of sustainability.
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