Structural Inspection and Structural Survey

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While the surveyor should be a qualified and licensed one, being a certified member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, he must carry out the inspection of the material and construction fabrics used in the building, and analyze the results to provide a comprehensive guideline for the buyer of the property. Accordingly, the survey will comprise of the following important tasks, among other things.

While this report will discuss on the two aspects of the structural survey—building a survey and the structured survey, it is essential that the authorized surveyors who provide ISO 2009 service quality should do the survey. (Pat McGovern Staff, “Building Surveys”)

While most of the reputed property consultants and developers make an offer for their various products accompanied by a survey report from their own surveyors on the condition of the property in question, it is advisable that the authorized RICS members, for the buildings that are more than ten years old, should do a proper building survey. In addition, this also helps the prospective buyer to make a hard bargain on the price of the property, if any hidden defects are found, whose information the seller may have withheld….( Valuation and Surveys para 1-3)

Depending on the condition and the age of the building, the inspection can be categorized into three parts. Te first is the valuation report. It gives the buyer information on the actual valuation of the property as per the prevailing market rate. This type of inspection is done usually for new buildings. The second is a homebuyer’s report, which will include all the relevant facts on the concerned property like its demarcation, location disputes if any. In addition, this will also provide the buyer with a summary of the technical and other aesthetic conditions of the building. However, a full-fledged report is essential if the building is a resale property and that too an old one. The third, a survey report will comprise the&nbsp.condition of plumbing, wiring and other utilities in the building.&nbsp.