Stress and symptoms

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There are various ways of dealing with stress among different people and this depends on the age and the sex of a person. Most of the young people would resort to violence or even alcohol while the older people would resort to not speaking about their problems.1.2This study seeks to evaluate the relationship between stress, symptoms and age. This was carried out by classifying the students in terms of their sex and then observing their characteristics when they are faced with different circumstances (Segrin amp. Flora, 2005).2.1 The research had a total of 133 participants, both males and females. The frequency with which they exhibited symptoms of stress was recorded then expressed as a percentage of the total observations that were made. They were then categorized in terms of male and female data in the same data. The scales of measurement were the nature of the environment that the participants would find themselves in and how they would react to such situations. For instance, how stressful they found having too little money or very little time to do something, how they feel about themselves or how they perceive their friends. The variables include age, sex and the symptoms of illnesses.2.2 There were 23 males and 110 females. The percentage of the males is 17.3 of the total population while that of the females is 82.7 expressed in terms of the total population. The cumulative percentage is 17.3 and then 100 percent. The minimum age was 17 and the maximum age 46. The mean age is 21.96 and the standard deviation 5.903. This shows that majority of the participants were females and consequently the focus was on them.2.3 Two scales in the questionnaire were the perceived stress levels and the symptoms of illness that the participants would experience (Segrin amp. Flora, 2005). The perceived stress levels were measured in terms of how a person would view a situation as not being stressful at all,