Strategy of Walt Disney Studios in Asia

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The current Chairman of the company is John E. Pepper Jr.
The main target market of the company is now being expanded and the company aims at introducing the joy it spreads to countries in Southeast Asia and Australia as well. This report aims at a marketing plan for the company to expand its business into Indonesia. The report will deal with minute details of the product, and also the possible market for the product as well. This will include the competitor details and a complete description of the market as well.
Walt Disney as has been discussed contributes to a number of fields that mainly are a part of the entertainment industry. The main area of focus for the company is on Parks and resorts. Although apart from the parks and resorts, the company does deal with other products like consumer goods, media networks and also the Walt Disney Studios. The following subsections will deal with a brief on the population of the country and will also provide a better view of the acceptance of these parks and resorts in the country.
The main product that is aimed to be targeted in Bali is the theme parks and the resorts. The merchandise will definitely also be available and the overall setting of the parks will be similar to the other Disneyworld across the world. The products will be sold over the counter within the theme parks and will be focused on the various target markets as has been discussed further.
Indonesia is a country that is highly populated and has a majority of Muslims, thus making Islam a very prominent religion here. Internally, the country is very religiously diverse, being made up of “Muslim 86.1%, Protestant 5.7%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 1.8%, other or unspecified 3.4%” (Indonesia, 2009), in the most recent census. The population of the country is seen to be conserved and hence, penetrating into the market is relatively difficult. The outlook of the people is quite conservative and hence making it difficult for businesses like Walt Disney to be able to easily penetrate into the markets.