Strategy of Ebusiness

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In this way, the article argues that businesses must reimagine strategy based on a more dynamic business environment. The traditional business environment examined strategy in terms of specific goals and long-term visions. The nature of this new paradigm in e-business, however, is such that businesses must constantly assess their strategic approach in regards to the shifting nature of connectivity. For Li (2004, p. 46) then this is accomplished through establishing a holistic framework. Within the holistic framework the business will consider all inputs – supply chain management, sales, general business strategy – in a systematic and dynamic process. No longer will business establish a simple long-term vision, but instead will establish a dynamic and agile business strategy to function within this new paradigm. In pursuit of this new paradigm, the article established seven key points. Among these points include the pursuit of margin size and volume rate and the pursuit of low cost and high value. The fundamental recognition is that these concerns involve different levels of strategic concerns than the traditional environment had posited.
After these theoretical considerations, the article examines a case study with a Chinese business. The case study functions to demonstrate the importance of developing a holistic business strategy. Additionally, the case study indicates the importance of developed countries establishing effective strategies in its business model when dealing with developing countries. In this way, the concept of strategic alliance emerges as a prominent strategic approach.
This text relates to the key concepts in the course in a variety of ways. From an overarching perspective, it considers the very nature of e-business theory. In this way, it offers a meta-critical perspective on e-business strategy that encourages a new analytical paradigm. Additionally, the text considers strategic measures. In this way, the article, along with the course, consider functional ways to establish and proceed with the strategy in electronic business environments. It seems the article’s greatest strength is its recognition of the changing paradigm of businesses in the electronic world. as such it gives the reader a broad-ranging theoretical account of how this change has occurred and how it affects businesses. Perhaps the weakest aspect of the research is it seems to become overly reliant on vague and complex jargon to establish its point.