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Like all other aspects of life, sport has also been subject to certain modifications time and again. In modern times, sport has been subject to tremendous competition and rivalry. Sport England has come up with number of strategies to develop the community sport in England. The prime objective of the Sport England is to have a set of talented professionals by 2012 London Olympics. For this purpose various strategies like tapping young talents, recruiting expert coaches, maximising the number of volunteers, integrating the club framework are being adopted. Sport England has partnership with NGBs, Youth Sport Trust, local authorities. The analysis of the strategies of Sport England reveals that the steps are quite outstanding and has created a general interest among the mass for the development of community sport.
The importance and relevance of sport in human life has long been understood and accepted. The best of the minds and talents, irrespective of their working spheres have acknowledged this fact. As the famous scientist Benjamin Franklin observed, “Games lubricate the body and the mind”, the relevance of sport can be related to the spectrum of daily or day-to-day life. In simple words, sport can be defined as an activity where the participating and competitive forces apply their physical and mental abilities to win over the competitor within a periphery of declared regulations. Though in United Kingdoms, the activity is known as ‘Sport,’ in United States, it is popularly called ‘Sports’.
Today, sporting teams and their related activities with highly professional partners make an industry. Generally, we refer it as the sporting industry or fraternity.