Strategic Response of Prosavi to the Changes in the Real Estate Market

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They are strategically located in prestigious areas nearby an extended amount of facilities. The prices we offer are not overestimated and fairly represent the quality of our product.The company consists of its own Commercial, Technical, Financial and Administrative Departments. Within my placement, in Prosavi I took part in each one of them. My work was diverse and flexible. While contributing to the Administrative Department I was finalizing documentation and mainly writing the Contracts of purchase of the properties in La Medina de Venus. From another side, the help of the Technical and Financial departments was necessary for me all over the period. One of my main tasks in Prosavi was to make a research and a deep study on a project in Colombia we are planning to take part in. Therefore, in order to fully complete my research, I was expected to know the main terminology and to efficiently operate with numbers. I also increased my experience in face to face communication, and as a consequence my self-esteem. In Santa Coloma de Gramanet I was assisting customers, giving them information on Cubics and promoting our product as a whole.Cubics is situated in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona. Its constructed area, which makes a total of 12.960,58m2 is located next to a cinema and a 3-star hotel, that will be the only once in the area and gardens occupying 6.000m2. The project presents an innovative and singular architecture based on excellent views, open spaces, and brightness. The 25-floor residential tower offers 4 types of accommodation (from 1 to 3 bedroom flats) suitable mainly for the middle class, small families. The minimum price of 720 euros/month includes a parking space (and storage room for the top floor apartments), 24h concierge, community expenses and the service of a common zone with dryers and snacks machines.