Strategic plan for robin hood and merry men and women

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Findings Robin Hood and his BMMMW are in a very tricky situation. After speaking to all those involved and Robin Hood himself, numerous findings were made that throws light on the current situation of Robin and BMMMW, and also how it is a great challenge. The primary and the most challenging issue that robin is facing is the management of the organization which is growing at an enormous pace. The members joining the organization are very high and BMMMW does not have any screening process that can stop infiltration of the group if there is any. But the risk of infiltration can not be ruled out. Also, as the organization is growing it a herculean task to provide and feed them. This has put Robin in a dilemma and he has to make a decision sooner than later to feed all of them. An option that he is considering but not sure is creation of transit taxes. Robin acts as the CEO, and is responsible and makes all the important decisions. He is assisted by lieutenants who have specific roles assigned to them and concentrate on that. This is in the lines of Fayolism theory (Gallagher et al., 1997). But this is now very tough considering the size of the organization. The charismatic leadership of Robin has worked wonderfully until now. He has been bale to influence his followers by his personal characteristics rather than his position of authority. He has all the characteristics of a charismatic leader such as passion, vision, risk taking, etc (Daft, 2007). But now he will need to find other charismatic and transformational leaders who can work within the organization. BMMMW needs to rework on the focus. Robin’s personal vendetta must not come in the way of the much higher goal of welfare of the people. BMMMW still do not have a proper strategy to achieve their goal. Recommendations On assessing the current situation and the primary objective of the organization, following recommendations are made: A plan of action needs to be designed. Robin and BMMMW must first decide on the priority of the problems at hand. They then need to come up with a proper plan on how to tackle and solve these issues. The organization needs restructuring and a better system must be put in place. Leaders need to be groomed internally and responsibility must be shared. Also these internal leaders must be given the authority to make decisions on their based on the available knowledge in case of an emergency. BMMMW must come with a stricter induction policy. People must be taken into the organization only after being sure that they are unhappy with current system and social injustice. Also this vital to ensure that there is no infiltration. A sustainable system must be put in place, where in BMMMW will be first able to feed themselves and then distribute the money to the poor. Taxing the poor is no solution and will only aggravate the situation. A financial order within the organization is the need of the hour for Robin and BMMMW. The strategy of stealing from the rich and distributing the poor must be rethought and see how viable and sustainable it is. This is important in the long term and BMMMW must have a strategic plan chalked out about their activities. References Daft, R. L. (2007). The leadership experience. OH: Thomson higher Education. Gallagher, K., Rose, E., McClelland, Reynolds, J. amp. Tombs, S. (1997). People in organizations: an active learning approach. MA: Wiley-Blackwell