Strategic Plan for Healthcare Enterprise

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As an independent faculty, MFA is dedicated to ensuring that they provide quality, safe and affordable medical care for everyone who steps in one of the clinics all over the Washington, D.C area. The faculty has invested in training and recruiting new doctors that bring with them new ways of dealing with crucial cases that may arise in the clinics. Being an association of physicians, the faculty covers a wider scope of the medical industry. Therefore, there is, need to invest resources in training the members with the new ways of treatment. In addition, the faculty has to invest in acquiring new technology that eases the process of treatment. This will help the faculty to continually add to the experience and the range of the treatments that it offers. The technology will have to be in line with the regulations that have been stipulated by the FDA on medications and technology. The Business process that is currently used by the organization, works well for the organization in pushing its agenda. However, as times change, new regulations on the business process of the industry force the faculty to adjust so that they can full fill the legal obligations that have been set. The business process has to be on point so that the faculty cannot land in problems. Investing in a good business process might seem like the best option to improve the services offered by the faculty. However, the business process needs to be in line with the needs of the faculty and the regulations set by the FDA. The success of the faculty needs to be in line with the appropriate FDA guidelines (ETQ, 2012). Swift development of business process software’s that provide solutions to the changing market demands needs to adhere to these regulations. It is important for the faculty to research well before employing the services of any software.