Strategic Plan for Abercrombie &amp

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Fitch51250 It is evidently clear from the discussion that Abercrombie amp. Fitch (Aamp.F) operates under three offshoot brands namely Gilly Hicks, Hollister Company and Abercrombie Kids. The mission of the company is to develop innovative and high-quality merchandise that has the ability to satisfy customers and style them appropriately. They also aim at discovering new styles so that they can distinguish themselves from the competitors. The sales of personal care and apparel through the stores are extremely competitive as there are numerous participants in the retail industry. However, the company has diversified its products by innovating new trends in clothing and has adopted the changing demands of the consumers better than their competitors. It has developed and maintained a strong brand image in the United States by marketing its products to the different parts of the diversified demographic markets. Aamp.F undertakes aggressive promotional activities without harming the inspirational nature of the brand equity. The sales objective of the company is to create string direct-to-consumer sales channels so as to facilitate growth. Aamp.F believes in increasing sales by innovating and creating new casual wears are preferred by the younger generation. Though the changing taste and preferences of the individuals have affected the company sales to a great extent, the company has tried its best to meet the demand of the market. Aamp.F positions itself as a premium brand, which focuses on its styles. Its main objective is centered on revenue and growth, which is achieved through sales. The brand name enables the company to grow and create endless opportunities for growth. It also employs the most talented youths around the globe. It permits higher profit margins and encounters lesser risk for entering into new business concepts. It encourages innovation and ensures profitability through it. Aamp.F prides in creating classic, casual and All-American lifestyle brand of clothing. The company employs a proactive approach in order to combat the challenges. The customers praise our brand as it not only gives them comfort but also satisfy them by fulfilling their demands.