Strategic Marketing Plan for Hot Coffee Cyber Cafe

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Our firm wants to operate in such a competitive environment and wants to get the major chunk of the market share, attract customers, and develop loyalty towards our services. Our organization aims at developing a cyber cafe that provides the teenagers and the office and retired people a completely new experience of the internet as well as entertainment. The cyber cafe will have a coffee shop in addition to the usual internet access that the ordinary cyber cafes offer. Thus the people visiting our cyber cafe will get addicted to coming again due to the relaxation and a completely new experience offered here.
Our target market is mainly the students and the teenagers but we also focus the office going people and the retired old persons that can spend a new life here and enjoy the coffee and experience and search a massive amount of interesting and informative information on the internet.
Mission statement. To provide our customers with a completely new experience of internet access and relaxation and to provide employee satisfaction to our employees and to become a market leader in the industry of internet cafes by providing the best services to the customers
The corporate objectives of the business are to achieve at least 5 percent of the market share of the current industry in the forthcoming year. These are the least set objectives but the company aims to achieve more than that. The company aims to achieve sales of roughly $275,000 in the first year and then this figure increasing at least 10% annually.
SWOT Analysis is a double impact tool that analyses both internal and external factors influencing an organization on the whole. Strengths and Weaknesses are internal, while Opportunities and Threats are external factors. As understandable by the name, internal factors are within the span of control of the organization while the external ones are not.