Strategic Marketing Managment of Reebok

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The case study of Reebok first shows that the basic demands were from specific demographics. Women that were interested in aerobics and men that wanted comfortable footwear were the main focuses with the emergence of Reebok. However, the company found that this specific demand led to a minimal increase in the growth of the corporation. Focusing on older individuals who might want to change their shoes is one that led to less demand. Instead, Reebok changed the approach to focus on a younger market, specifically by targeting urban youth. The company began to use commercials and innovations that were based out of famous rap stars, all which were hired to target teenagers and youth to wear the shoe not for athletic styles, but instead as a fashion statement that was a part of pop culture. Since the emergence of the new marketing strategy, Reebok has found different areas of growth and advertising for the company. They have incorporated different stores that focus on providing specific types of shoes for youth. However, this has been followed by different needs by the retail areas. The youth demand more styles of shoes to be seen on a continuous basis, which has led to the growth of production. There are also changing approaches to marketing, such as shoe releases that are hosted by musicians and different events that cater to youth becoming loyal customers to the Reebok Corporation. To continue with this, Reebok is now placing in new styles and trends that are specifically focused on urban youth and which provide youth with a specific expression. The company expects that this advertising campaign will help the youth to remain loyal to the shoe brand through later years while helping with an emerging market that no other shoe companies are focused on.