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Globalization" The major global marketing strategy used by the Ford company mainly has to do with technology. They diversify their technology frequently. Their appealing factor to global consumers is their constant manufacture of new bands of cars. The Ford Company always finds a way to attract consumers by creating improved or modified brands of cars.
Opportunities and challenges
The major globalization opportunity for the Ford Company is the fact that the world is open to technology at present. People are constantly seeking machines and devices that are more improvised than the last. Indeed Ford Company utilizes this opportunity to the fullest as they keep booming with new ideas.
The major globalization challenges for the Ford Company are competition in major foreign markets like China and India. They face stiff competition from other motor companies in the market. Additionally, the company has been experiencing leadership problems of late. The executives apparently have a problem working together. This makes it hard to coordinate efforts in global markets.
For the Ford Company’s brand to stand a better position in the global market, they must find a way to eradicate stiff competition and come out on top. This can be achieved by making their brands more attractive and desirable. they need to create an edge for their brand.
All in all, the Ford Company has had coveted success in the global market thus far and they stand a good chance of maintaining their success.