Strategic Management at Marks and Spencer

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Moreover, it also sells great quality food that is sourced through responsible procurement process from a global supplier base of approximately two thousand (Marks and Spencer plc-website-b, 2010). The company which is rather a behemoth in its sector has an employee base of more than seventy-five thousand. The retailing giant has a chain of over 600 stores in the UK alone. The company has also focussed strongly on expanding its international business (Marks and Spencer plc-website-c, 2010). Company data reveal that Mamp.S is the top-notch provider of lingerie as well as women’s wear in its home market. Simultaneously it is rapidly growing its market share in the areas of men’s wear, kids’ wear as well as home products. The company attributes its growth to its flourishing online business and reveals that forty-nine percent of its total business comes from clothing and home products, while the remaining fifty-one percent comes from food that comprises everything from fresh produce and groceries, to partly-prepared meals and ready meals (Marks and Spencer plc-website-c, 2010). Tuning itself on a proper note in terms of eco-friendly initiatives the company has put on the green jacket like most of the leading global players and testifies its moves by declaring that Now more than ever, we’re also known for our green credentials as a result of our five-year eco plan, Plan A, which will see us, amongst other things, become carbon neutral and send no waste to landfill by 2012 (Marks and Spencer plc-website-c, 2010).Apart from the corporate mission and vision, every company needs a comprehensive strategic plan in order to enumerate the areas wherein it needs to bring about changes in order to achieve the desired goal(s). Mamp.S being a leading retailer of global stature is no exception in this respect and it conveys that We have spent the last five years putting in place strong foundations in line with our long-term plan(Marks and Spencer plc-website-d, 2010).