Strategic Management at Carnival Cruise Lines

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Correct market expansion strategy makes it possible to make special offers to first-time customers and decrease the prices. Carnival Cruise Lines is considered to be one of the cheapest. The main thing that should be improved by the company is the use of information technologies. The company is doing its best to improve the infrastructure but does not have enough information about its customers. The information about customers and their needs is necessary to gain new customers. The data should be gathered and properly analyzed to get to know whom to focus on. The company is not going to make any IT innovations, but they still need to use information technologies. IT is used by the competitors and it is essential to use them to keep the competitive advantage.
The probable strategy to attract new customers is widely discussed by Carnival’s managers. One of the most important things is to make the customers loyal. One possible way is to use customers’ relationship management. CRM strategy has been already applied but due to the rather neglecting attitude towards information technologies, the strategy was not applied successfully. CRM strategy can help Carnival attract new customers and gather important data about them (Kwortnik).