Strategic Management and Marketing

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The company is the foremost operator of Panamax vessels, Capesize vessels (both within the dry cargo segment), and Aframax Oil tankers. it is also amongst the topmost operators of Handymax bulk carriers (DS Norden, N.D.). DS’s business is quite complex and there are certain detectable unnatural patterns within the books, primarily because of the fact that a major chunk of the fleet operated by DS Norden is chartered.Results of the financial year ending 2008 were much poorer than expected, especially if we consider the surge in revenues, the profits were not even close to the initial expectations. The company blames it on the recession.Increasing GDP all around the globe, GDPs of many countries has been increasing since we have entered the post-recession era and this would indirectly affect the spending capacity, which could directly impact the import trends of the developing and developed countries.Prices of the dry cargo transportation services have been constantly dropping, which has and will continue to make a big impact on Norden’s fleet as over 75% of its fleet is dry cargo based. The risk for Norden is higher than its competitors as a major chunk of dry cargo fleets is chartered.Freight price fluctuations: DS Norden’s CEO Carsten Mortensen stated in a speech in 2009 that the rates of Capesize segment dry cargo vessel fluctuated amazingly making a low of USD 5,000 and a high of USD 100,000. (Mortensen, 2009)Perhaps the most crucial factor that has helped DS Norden stay ahead of its competitors is its unique branding and promotional strategy, DS Norden mostly promotes itself through affiliations with various scholarship programs and its ‘go green’ focused messages. which is possibly the largest factor as to why DS Norden is a company that is known throughout the planet. Very recently the company has demonstrated this tactic again by signing the UN’s global impact in late 2009.