Strategic Leadership in a Changing World

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As the research stresses internal factors refer to the internally based resources the organization own for instance assets, skilled labor personnel and financial outlay that give it the organization efficiency in operation. Strategic position enables the management to implement appropriate strategy that guides the credibility of decisions made to steer the company or organization maximum business output.
According to the report findings strategic position analysis should be the relationship between three crucial factors that the management considers in making strategic decisions for an organization. These are the external environment, resource base and competences and stakeholders influence and ethical and cultural values of the organization, however arguments have been put forward to link effective strategic position analysis to incline more to external environment factors more than the organization’s internal resources. External environment has been emphasized because it evaluates macro market influence and micro market influence. macro market influence factors are such as technological factors, economic, political and social factors and micro market influences are industry related factors for instance customers satisfaction, suppliers, barriers to entry and competition. To understand the importance of strategic positioning analysis to an organization, the several three key factors are important. external environment, internally based resources and competencies and stakeholders influence and ethical cultural values of the organization.