Strategic Issues and Options of McDonalds

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About 80% of McDonald’s restaurants are being owned and operated by local men and women worldwide who are running the business independently. The primary goal of McDonald’s is to become number one and favorite way and place for customers to eat and drink by providing them their core favorites such as Chicken McNuggets, French Fries, Quarter Pounder and Big Mac (Han, 2008).The strategic direction of McDonald’s is its biggest strength which is the alignment between the franchisees, company and its suppliers and it has been the key to success of the company. It is well-known fact that company’s alignment with its suppliers and franchisees which are collectively known as the System has helped McDonald’s in delivering consistent and locally relevant restaurant experience to its customers worldwide. The business model of McDonald’s enables the company to ensure that it fulfills its promise of delivering best quality products and aesthetic fast food dining and eating experience to its customers.According to Fisher (2011), the business model of McDonald’s is to deliver customers’ experiences that are consistent and relevant to the local restaurant ambiance. the aim of the restaurant is to be a part of the communities that are being served by the country. The primary focus of the company is on low-cost leadership and the idea behind this strategy is that it facilitates their ability for identification, implementation, and innovation so that they are able to meet the changing needs and preferences of customers.The strategic direction of McDonald’s is to focus a customer-oriented approach in which the plan is to provide a common framework for its global businesses that allows the strategy to be locally adopted.