Strategic Hospitality Management in the Thistle Hotel Euston in the UK

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This report will first examine the UK based Thistle Euston hotel market, discuss the main industry players and show the relative significance of key issues. Moreover, it will discover the UK consumer trends, present the variety of backgrounds of investors and give a future outlook along with a forecast which has been urbanized to illustrate the industry and the factors moving its growth and future. In conclusion, it will comment on short-term and long-term investment as well as recommending an outcome for the investor.
A Thistle Euston hotel, according to the EU, is defined as ‘a communal accommodation enterprise, typified as being prearranged in rooms exceeding a countrywide specified minimum and as providing ordinary services, counting room service’. Usually, the UK definition is made according to the investment of a license to sell liquor. (Lawson, 1998)
According to the newest beginning figures from the Hotel Thistle Euston Survey by Deloitte, the UK hotel industry has established to be the strongest entertainer in Europe in the first six months of 2004, by means of revenue per obtainable room (RevPAR) rising 11 percent against the similar period in 2003, resulting from a balanced mix of rising occupancies and standard room rates. London, which is the most important performer in the UK, knowledgeable a 6% augment in standard room rate year on year (ACAS 2002).
Budget Hotel is on the entire purpose-built, identified lodging unit by a smallest of 50 rooms and standard low prices. Personage units are frequently identified as lodges, inns or – less usually now – motels.
Bed and Breakfast is a private house. several rooms of which are set aside for overnight guests whose paid lodging comprise breakfast. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)
The competitive environment
There is always tough competition amongst the key players inside the UK Hotel Industry:
From the Smith Travel Research where the grand insist for the Residence Inn was at 30% and the supply was merely at 8%. The Marriott PLC has urbanized a new group called Residence Inn to adapt to this great market insist.
UK centre market hotel brand, Thistle, is initiation a luxury worldwide sister – Guoman, which is set to spread internationally. In order to grow the brand Thistle intends to upgrade some existing properties in the UK and launch an ambitious acquisition strategy abroad.
Whitbread has made the decision to decrease their experience to (and eventually exit from) the full-service hotels division where they are the UK operators of the Marriott brand, due to the low returns from this franchised commerce. The company also obtain Premier Lodge from Spirit Group for pound. 505 million, and combining Travel Inn and Premier Lodge and marketing them to the UK consumer under on brand (Ackers, P. 2002, 2-19).