Strategic Analysis of Coca Cola

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The report focuses on the significance of the company’s internal and external analysis for meeting the targets and tackling new challenges in a determined, productive, and highly innovative way. The report also defines how the industry, understudy, can enhance its trade level according to the contemporary requirements by increasing the sales volume and presenting its products to the consumers in a more refined and innovative way. The use of the latest technology and new dimensions of the present-day commercial atmosphere applied by Coca-Cola has also been mentioned. The brilliant achievements of the Coca Cola Company have also been elaborated in a comprehensive but precise way.When someone talks of the most admired, discerning and trendy soft drink, one single name suddenly comes to mind that captures the imagination, electrifies the passion and freshens the feelings of the individuals. the name beggars description in flavor and style for the consumers, and a sense of long struggle, unparalleled determination and wonderful accomplishment urges the business community to analyze the corporate culture, business strategies and achievements of the grand beverage company. Coca-Cola Beverage Industry is one of the most admired brands among all the superlative merchandise and products of the globe at large. Its name, trademark, and logo are considered as the surety of sublime quality and magnificent trust of the users. Coca-Cola has built a global empire and now sells close to 450 brands in almost 200 countries. The company claims to adhere to the highest ethical standards and to be an outstanding corporate citizen in every community we serve. (Retrieved in The company has achieved marvelous triumphs during nearly quarter past one century and serves as a landmark in the history of modern public beverages that are popular among all ages and all classes in all regions of the world alike. Coca-Cola was introduced the first time before the world in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.