Strategic Alternatives for Marvel

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Strategic Alternatives for MarvelMarvel Entertainment as an enterprise that has many obligations in the entertainment industry. It is because of these diversities that Marvel Entertainment takes to implementing various strategies (Beamish, 230). The strategies are in the fields of such as licensing and publishing. Strategies are also applicable in tasks like making of films and toys. Comprised in this writing are alternative strategies for Marvel, deciding on a strategy for it. Competitive strategy in Marvel makes the enterprise to grow in both size and exploration (Beamish, 250). For example, competition strategy for Marvel aims at producing standard products that are of better quality than those of the opponents. This is aims at increasing the marketplace share for the Marvel enterprise. Filming, for example, is one such practice where competition is paramount. Therefore, Marvel ensures that it keeps producing new films that are of high quality. Improving quality of movies ensures that Marvel stands competition from the opponents. The other means in which Marvel diversifies its competition is through making of toys. These are toys used in the field of entertainment and comedy. The competition strategy also ensures is that Marvel ensures that there are no conflicts concerning originality of products. Marvel thus ensures that its productions are original. The other strategy deployed by marvel Entertainment is that of marketing. Marketing strategy ensures that its products serve a wide market. Therefore, Marvel ensures that it its distribution chains operate well. Marvel also ensures that it increases its marketing by doing extensive advertising of its supplies. These efforts ensure that my customers get aware of products offered. Knowledge of new products ensures that there is increased purchase. The marketing also ensure that the changes made in their productions become clear. The marketing strategy is the determiner of proliferations of the productions of the company. This is because if more productions become sold, then the production speed would be elevated. The other strategy is that of management. Marvel ensures that it deploys this strategy to ensure that its operations are up to standard. This is because management is a sensitive segment that requires accurate handling. Therefore, Marvel ensures that operations of its segments are up to standard. Marvel ensures that accountability in management becomes vocal. Management approach also ensures that everything runs well.There is also a licensing strategy for Marvel (Beamish, 250). Licensing strategy ensures that regulations are made clear. The regulations ensure that business errands operate within the legal limits of their contracts. Licensing ensures that legality in ownership and production is pronounced. Licensing gives people the chance to without illegality.I would device an ownership strategy for Marvel. Ownership strategy ensures that Marvel’s production civil liberties remain original. This is by barricading malicious people from counterfeiting them. Therefore, Marvel would still have original invention rights. Copyright are given codes only the approved people access. These codes would ensure that malicious people become barricaded. The other thing is that ownership rights would ensure that Marvel has pure ownership. This means that there are no imitations in the industry. Therefore, originality implementation becomes protected. In conclusion, Marvel as an Entertainment Enterprise has many strategies leading to its proper administration. The strategies comprise competition, management, marketing and licensing. The strategy that I have device is that of ownership rights. This is because ownership rights determine originality of work.Works CitedBeamish, Paul. Cases in strategic management. London: McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Pp.200-350, Print.