Stock investment project

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The failure of one investment has less chances of hurting my overall performance since I have other investment to depend on for their profitability. Investing in mutual funds enabled me to have a larger number of investments than when I did not consider the option. I was able to exploit the opportunity of dollar cost averaging (DCA) whereby I would invest any amount through the investment manager. I considered that in the absence of mutual funds I would have suffered the risk of higher cost arising from investing in variety of stocks. The management expense ratio (MER) is the same regardless of the amount of stock I had invested in. hence the possibility of investing in large number of stock without dreading the influence of the commission fees (Rowland amp. Lawson, 2012). The brokerage fee for entering and exiting the market also acted as a percentage loss on my investment thereby calling for investment in mutual funds. Performance I invested in six different stocks in the market including: SOHU.COM Inc, Packaging Corp of America, Intel Corporation, Yahoo Corporation, Cambrex Corp, GIS. The invested had a net worth of $100,044.46. Net worth for the whole project was $100,044.46. buying power for the stocks was $115039.92 with cash remaining of $14,995. The overall gain was $44.46 while the overall return was 0.04% and today’s gains was 1.39%. On November 2, 2013 the following was how the stock sold in the market for the company I chose with each having brokerage fee of $10 attached. The following is the image showing the overall performance of the stock and that reported by the 6 different stocks in the market. A gain of 1.39% is good for starting a project, and I consider continuing to invest in these market stocks. Influence of economic conditions The prevailing economic conditions impacted on the profitability of my stock portfolio. Uncertainity about current global economic conditions acted as a major aspect in my investment decision (Rowland amp. Lawson, 2012). I dreaded for the uncertainty since this usually reduces the spending ability of the businesses and the consumers. The companies and the consumers would reduce on their spending especially because of the negative financial news and tighter credit in the market. Tighter credit implies the likeness of higher cost to be associated with any investment conditions. The presence of these conditions made me to hesitate in making investment decision in the market. Further the prevailing uncertainty in global economic conditions also triggered the notion of demand greatly differing among different countries. This means that the action by the companies in raising prices on goods and services to raise their profitability, would have less impact since the wiliness of the consumers to buy is so much different in other countries. Intuitively, the condition subjected the companies to witnessing variability in their income and expenses because of the gains or losses realized from the sale or exchange of financial instruments (Rowland amp. Lawson, 2012). Consequently, I had made a decision in relation to company’s preparedness towards compensating for the possible losses resulting from the uncertainty in the global economic trend. The above conditions affected the cost associated to investment, especially the starting cost. In my case, the