Still Alice by Lisa Geneva

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A neuroscientist is a person who has trained and specializes in the study of the brain. Genova also serves as a Meisner-trained actress and a totally untrained writer but stands to be an American best-selling author of the novels Still Alice, Love Anthony and Left Neglected. She is a graduate of Bates College with a Bachelor Degree in Biopsychology. This is a section of psychology which studies the biological groundwork of behavior, emotions as well as the mental process. She also possesses a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Harvard. She has done brain research at a various institution such as the National Institute of Health, Massachusetts General Hospital East and also Yale medical institute and not to forget Mclean hospital. She has featured in the award-winning documentary film Emmy whose core subject was about Alzheimer. She is the wife of a documentary filmmaker and photographer by the name Christopher Seufert.An important theoretical perspective that the writer takes in Still Alice, which also becomes the main idea of the book is to approach Alzheimer’s disease from a psychological and behavioral point of view. This leads Genova writing on a number of psycho-behavioral issues and concepts throughout the book. Some of the important psycho-behavioral concepts hats the writer emphasizes on are issues of agitation, apathy, and aggression, which are not just reflected in the contents of the books but also in the literature about Alzheimer’s disease (Polakow 43).