Steps Toward A Small Theory of the Visible

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English 9 October Steps Toward a Small Theory of the Visible Art: It has been depicted as the view in the invisible world. It is simply not just a sketch by drawing or picture with colors as implied by the looks but a strong connection of active involvement. Art work goes beyond looks and physical appearances of the present seen, to a mind expression relating with an object in subject of expression. However, this art shows great development with changes in time and technology. There is drift from use of arts relying more on existing physical objects to a more advanced state of the invisible.Collaboration: The term best expresses the need of the artist and the object to associate. As an artist, more is required of the end product. which will tell how much you related with the object been painted, drawn or developed. In the essay, Berger states that, The secret was to get inside whatever I was looking at… To produce quality work, an artist needs the perceptional view of the picture to feel and put images together so as to produce a similar representation of the object. Model: This is a representation of the object to be drawn or painted. With it holds the richness of information to be gathered and constructed into an art. In the essay, models imply the willingness to cooperate and hence the state of a model, as to whether it is real or static counts a lot. The two different encounters, lead to each artistic work delivering distinctive engaging feel and appearances to the audience. In conclusion, an art should elaborate both what our eyes physically see and the imaginary world of perception. Artists have a responsibility to collaborate with the pictures or objects to better understand their nature of existence. It is through the different models that offer the details to pick while painting to produce a more appealing and relating work.Works CitedBerger, John. Steps Toward a Small Theory of the Visible. n.p, n.d. Web. 9 October, 2012.