Steel Febrication

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1. True or False. ASTM F1852 and F2280 twist-of-type tension control bolt assemblies can only be lubricated by the manufacturer.2. Name the two galvanizing processes.3. What is the only galvanizing process for F1852 T.C. bolts?4. True or False. A490 bolts can be galvanized.5. What ASTM nut is a replacement for a A563-DH nut?6. True or False. Galvanized bolts and nuts can be shipped in separate containers.7. What is the ASTM designation for a A325 bolt that is fully threaded?8. True or False. A490 bolts can be pre-tensioned more than once.9. What is the only ASTM nut type for galvanized bolts?10. True or False. OVS holes are permitted in any or all plies and must be pre-tensioned for slip-critical joints.11. Name the four methods of pre-tensioning high strength bolts.12. What is the nut rotation from the snug-tight condition for each bolt for turn-of –nut pre-tensioning in amount of turn and degrees required, both faces normal to bolt axis:3/4in A325 2.75 in. length,3/4in A490 2.75in length,7/8in A490 4in length and 7/8in A325 8in length.13. True or False. In D.T.I. pre-tensioning the protrusions must be facing away from the steel connection.14. True or False. After pre-tensioning the feeler gage must be refused entry into at least half the spaces between protrusions of the D.T.I.15. True or False. Long slotted holes can be in all plies.16. What does ST , PT and SC stand for.17. True or False. A F436 washer is required under the nut and head of a A490 bolt in connection material less than 40 ksi18. For a 7/8in A325 or F1852 what kind of washer is required for long slotted holes?19. For a 1.125in A490 or F2280 in short slotted holes what thickness ASTM F436 washer is required?20. When testing for minimum bolt tension for pre-installation verification what is the required tension for: 3/4in A325, 7/8in A325, 1in A325 and 7/8 A490?21. True or False. The hydraulic tension calibrator “SKIDMORE” shall be re-calibrated every six months.22. How many bolts of each diameter, length and grade have to be tested in the “SKIDMORE” for pre-tensioning testing?23. In ARBITRATION; you suspect that bolts in PT and SC joints do not have the proper pre-tension. How many bolts have to be re-tested of the same diameter, length and grade?24. In ARBITRATION; A manual torque wrench shall be applied to the “SKIDMORE”. The bolts will be brought up to required tension of table 8.1 not 7.1.How many degrees past this requirement is the nut rotated?25. True or False. If any nut or bolt turns while inspecting the disputed joint with the torque wrench all the bolts in the joint must be inspected.26. True or False. Sufficient thread engagement is having the end of the bolt extending beyond or at least flush with the outer face of the nut.27. What is the mark on A325 type 3 head that is not on the A325 type 1?28. True or False. A snug- tight joint is when all the plies are brought into firm contact.15/05/20205engineering