Statistics on Aging

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Statistics on Aging Affiliation: Post two statistics about aging The statistics on health of the people aged over 65 years by 2012 indicates that this older generation has been taking very good care of their health through injections and vaccines in a primary prevention technique. Taking care of the physical and psychological health (which indicates only 2% had experienced distress in the last month) has led to the statistics reducing on the number of older people staying for long in hospitals unless those with critical conditions. As they age however, there are more visits to the doctors than the younger people but this only shows their concern for their health (Administration on Aging, 2012). The other statistics indicate that the population of the older generation continues and will continue to increase for both male and female even though the females are at a higher percentage than the males (Administration on Aging, 1900-2050). Describe one population-based nursing implication for each statisticThe increase in the number of older generation in the years to come mean that there should also be an increase in the number of nurses involved in population-based nursing. This is important because the old people will need attention and the work will be more hence requiring more nursing assistance. More nurses need to be recruited in this program before it is too late. The other health statistic implies that the population-based nursing is already yielding fruits on the older generation aged over 60 years as they are paying more attention to their health and they care about primary rather than tertiary prevention and treatment. Whatever advice the population-based nurses are giving this older generation should continue because it is working (Curley and Vitale, 2011). ReferencesAdministration on Aging (AoA). (1900-2050). Projected Future Growth of the Older Population. Washington DC: Department of Health and Human Services.Administration on Aging (AoA). (2012). A Profile of Older Americans: Health and Health Care. Washington DC: Department of Health and Human Services.Curley, A. and Vitale, P. (2011). Population-Based Nursing: Concepts and Competencies for Advanced Practice. New Jersey: Springer Publishing Company.