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In addition to that, the customers are busy dealing with so many things at the same time that they don’t have time to personally visit physical locations or wait in lines to do their respective duties. They rather prefer doing business with companies that provide them with ease and comfort and as little hassle as possible. these are the companies that have web-based systems.
The paper that follows will identify the types of web-based systems and how essential they are for companies to be competitive, retain their market share, satisfy existing customers and attract new ones.
E-banking is one of the web-based systems that a bank may use to improve its relationship with its customers or suppliers and effectively carry out its business. E-banking involves all the banking activities that can be carried out from home, business or while on the road without being at a physical bank location. It is the new way of doing business with a bank and has brought about the hassle-free way of conducting business. It incorporates many advantages for the banks as well as the customers. An example of a bank using e-banking facilities is the Wells Fargo bank.