Statement of Purpose for Application at the University for a Degree Program In Petroleum Engineering

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1250 The fact that one day I lost my best friend after a technical error due to lack of knowledge makes me even want to learn more. In his memory, I will provide basic training to all the unskilled workers in the oil field on safety.My desire to become a petroleum engineer is so that I can offer more than just cleaning and dusting the electric panels. I sincerely don’t wish to do that for the rest of my life. The opportunity to join the program will equip me with the knowledge to work dynamically constantly applying the latest knowledge and technology. This will ensure that there is a reduction of coast, effectiveness and time management.I fully understand the dedication and efforts that the course demands. I am willing to go the further step of doing my own research on the content learned in class and their applications. The institution offers the best facilities and professors well experienced in teaching and practice application of engineering principals in the mining field. A chance to study from the best produces great minds. Successful products are not necessarily the first on the market but are the first to appeal to us emotionally.&nbsp. A chance to study at the institution will be highly appreciated and reciprocated by hard work, total cooperation and compliance to instructions and academic excellence in the course work.&nbsp.&nbsp. I am looking forward to being transformed and apply the ingenuity in me to solve problems in the petroleum industry in an ingenious way.