Statement of Educational Objectives

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Mechanical Engineering Ever since I was a child I had certain dreams which I wanted to fulfill. In my early childhood I started to develop an interest for physics and designs. A car engine was the most interesting invention that took my attention. I used to see my father drive while I tried to figure out the complexities that were involved in the whole process. It was at this age only that I realized that I had to pursue my career in the field of an engineer. My interest in the subject of engineering led to me to the conclusion that I have to do mechanical engineering when I reach the stage. I have chosen the Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue this degree and fulfill my aims of life. I have decided to study in the United States because I always believed that the United States is the most developed nation. The education and services to acquire the relevant knowledge can only be provided to me in the United States. United States is a country where diversity is promoted and I believe that with my culture I can create harmony amongst the people and work harder to achieve my goals. Because of my deep interest in mechanical engineering I have learned quite a few things in my life and I believe that I can apply these things when I study in United States. The country is of particular importance to me because it is a source of inspiration from me because of the advancements that it has made in the recent times. The Rochester Institute of Technology is a recognized institute which would not only help me to pursue my goals but would also help me to polish the skills that I already have. The environment that the institute provides is best suited to my needs. The friendly nature of the people and staff would help in promoting an excellent educational experience. The cooperative education program in the institute is an impressive one as it can help me to build up my career and further polish my skills. It can help me to gain experience which would prove to be really helpful in the future. Moreover I believe that the teachers there can help me to understand the concepts of mechanical engineering as they pertain to the modern world these days. The teachers in the institute are highly trained and experience which can prove to be a positive of the institute. I believe that I can make a difference in my field if I am given the right opportunity and the Rochester Institute of Technology is the best of all the institutes which can provide me with the opportunity. After completing my mechanical engineering from the prestigious institute I plan to advance my education by joining another course so that I can fulfill the goals that I made up in my early life. The subject is of great interest to me and I can excel in it because of this very interest.