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Short EssayPart 1: How do you use statistics in your life either at work or for pleasure? Can statistics be manipulated for those who really understand the subject matter? If so, how? If not, why not? Has anyone misled you using statistics?Part 2:we are covering an important concept that is widely used in a variety of fields: the standard deviation. The standard deviation is a measure of how close together a set of data is grouped. InChapter 2 of your text, Kozak (2014) stated:“In general a “small” standard deviation means the data is close together (more consistent) and a “large” standard deviation means the data is spread out (less consistent). Sometimes you want consistent data and sometimes you don’t. As an example if you are making bolts, you want to lengths to be very consistent so you want a small standard deviation. If you are administering a test to see who can be a pilot, you want a large standard deviation so you can tell who are the good pilots and who are the bad ones.”(p. 89).Example Situations Involving PilotsA large standard deviationtells us that there is a lot of variabilityin the scores; that is, the distribution of scores is spread out and not clustered aroundthe mean.As Kozak (2104) has stated, when assessing potential pilots, we may want a large standard deviation, so that we candifferentiate between candidates; that is, we can determine who would be good pilots and those who would not be good pilots. Since a large standard deviationtells us that there is a lot of variability in the scores, candidates, whowould be good pilots, would havescores far above the mean, while those who would not be good pilotswould have scoresfarbelow the mean. Thus, only the “top” candidates would be selected to be pilots.A small standard deviation tells us that there is not a lot of variability in a distribution of scores; that is, the scores are very consistent (similar) and close to the mean. Using our pilot example, a small standard deviation is desirable, when considering aircraft landing distances. If there is not enough distance when landing, the aircraft could undershoot the runway; that is, land short of the runway. On the other hand, if there is too much distance, the aircraft can overshoot the runway; that is, the aircraft does not stop before the end of the runway. Both undershooting andovershooting runways could result in injuries and/or fatalities. Thus, it is important that pilotshave consistent accurate landingdistances. Specifically, over a number of landings, the distances would, on average, be appropriate to the runway length with little variation among the distances.Now think about how this might apply in your chosen field and answer both of the following questions: What is an example of when you would want consistent data and, therefore, a small standard deviation? What is an example of when you might want a large standard deviation? That is, data that is more spread out?ReferenceKozak, K. (2014). Statistics using technology. Retrieved from a year agoDue: 26/08/2018Budget: $15Answers 1guru answers4.5 (18)4.5 (1k )Chata year agoPurchase the answer to view itstatistics.edited.docxstatistics.edited21.docxBuy answer $15Bids 35Prof. HadarvZeek the GeekRahul5077Kesha A. GreyBrainy BrianYOUR RELIABLE TUTORTutormosMark_TomAleena SheikhSynco_SolutionsRima MakenzieMoen Zafarguru answersTheKingWriterPotty PavarottiBill TutorPROF washington watsonansRohanAccA Eco Bus Clytemnestrakim woodsphyllis youngphyllis youngMadam A plusimhmd.fbrilliant answersComputer_Science_ExpertTeacher SteveCharandryEddienasrattMichelle Lewis PhdDr. IsaacmathsBest Writer786Teacher hyranksAabish AabidahOther questions 10Due date is after 8 hoursi have a 2 drawing and i want it to be drawn in 3 views and 3D using Auto CAD 2012based on amoviewho can do it fast and clearllly essay?as discussed A FOR A PLUS WRITER ONLY AssignmentW7Career ConferenceGrief and Loss PaperRated 1 timesStat5Q1Make sureRated 1 timesSTATW4HW – DO NOT GO ABOVE BID – NON NegotiablePlease review the attached word document and complete the 10 questions.Notes:BLUF: I do not care about your ratings(most are deceiving), I only care that you can provide me …Not ratedAssignment #3: Inferential Statistics Analysis and Writeup See attached instructions for assignment 3, (review Assignment 2 submission, template for assignment 3 and Data set for assignment.) Below items must be answered and work needs to be shown and …Not ratedSTATW3HW – DO NOT GO ABOVE BID – NON negotiableplease review the attached word document and complete the 10 questions.Please note I do not care about your ratings, I only care that you can provide me with correct answers for a good grade. …26/08/201815mathematics