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Starbucks Corporation Coffee Delivery Project                                                     LaShanda Lewis            Project Management12 April 2020                                          BackgroundStarbucks Corporation refers to a retail company which specializes in coffee. That is why it’s referred to us coffee house as well as coffee chain. It conducts its operations in almost 75 countries globally with an approximate of 27,000 stores. Its annual average income is around $22.2 billion according to its 10-K forms. The corporation started its operations in 1971 in the United States Washington before expanding its territories to the rest of the world. Some of the services offered by the Corporation includes selling of handcrafted coffee, tea as well as other beverages. It also offers a variety of fresh food items which include snacks via the Corporation’s operated stores. The company’s management have however predicted a downward sloping in the company’s revenue due to the current deadly coronavirus pandemic which have brought the word into a stand still economically (Clements, 2019).  Many of the company’s stores many remain closed in the near future due to the lockdowns being experienced in many countries worldwide as one of the strategies of curbing the spread of coronavirus. This has triggered the company to initiate a project which whose main aim will be the delivery of coffee to the customers who are still in a lockdown more especially across the various States in the United States. This is aimed at maintaining the customer loyalty to the company besides helping the company to get itself through this difficult economic times. This project is aimed at also delivering as well as keeping coffee hot or cold at a faster rate (Clements, 2019).  Project TeamThe project team leader will be the company’s Chief Executive Manager. The CEO will be assisted by five main managers who will be spear-heading the goals of this project for the duration that will be considered. These managers include the company’s Supply Chain Manager, the Operations Manager, and Human Resources Manager, the Information Communications Technology manager as well as the Company’s Accounts Manager. The company’s Chief Executive Officer will be coordinating with these five managers to ensure that the project goals are achieved (de’Longhi, & Fiorotto, 2018).Supply Chain ManagerDuring this periods of Coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain manager will resume his or her normal duties of overseeing as well as managing the corporation’s product supply chain besides overseeing the logistics strategies and operations that are conducted by the company for the purpose of maximizing the company’s efficiency as far as productivity is a concern more especially this Coronavirus pandemic. The manager will be responsible in ensuring that there is always a good relationship between the company and its customers by ensuring that coffee delivery is done at the correct time and of the right quality and quantity. This manager will be ensuring that the first goal of the company of delivering coffee while hot or cold and at a faster rate depending on the customer request is achieved (de’Longhi, & Fiorotto, 2018).Operations ManagerThis manager will be responsible for managing the operations which are associated with the production of coffee besides the delivery services to the customers. Apart from managing the production of coffee process, this manager will be responsible at ensuring that the correct quality of coffee is produced while maintaining health standards while avoiding contaminations more especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. This manager will also be responsible for the logistics planning as far as the delivery of coffee is a concern. He will also be concern with the performance improvement of the employees who will be involved in making the project successful (Wu, Yang, Tang, & Liao, 2017).Human Resources ManagerThis manager will be tasked with two main functions in this project. He or she will be in charge of overseeing all the project involved departments functions as well as managing the corporation’s employees more especially the ones who will be involved in the distribution of coffee to the customer. During this Coronavirus pandemic the human resource manager is very crucial to the operational employees more especially by ensuring their well-being. This will entail giving the employees training on how they protect themselves from contracting the deadly coronavirus disease. He or she will be responsible of recruiting more personnel in case there will be need of adding more employees to implement the project (Wu, Yang, Tang, & Liao, 2017).Information Communications Technology managerCommunication is very important more especially in the successful execution of the project. It have to be appreciated that the customers will be communicating to the company while making orders to be delivered to them via the company’s communication platform that is specifically manned by the ICT manager. Therefore, the proposed ERP system in this project will be specifically be operated by the ICT manager. This will include making sure that the communication system of the company doesn’t fail more especially during this critical moment when the customers will be in need of services which will specifically be offered via getting in touch with the customers through phones. This manager will also be contributing towards the timely preparation as well as execution of the project’s strategic, operational, as well as budgeting plans (Robinson, & da Cruz, 2018).Company’s Accounts ManagerThe accounts manager will be responsible in the project execution through financial facilitation. It must be noted that without finance, the project will not be executed. Therefore the accounts manager will be ensuring that there is a continuous financial support to the project team. The returns from the project will also be accounted for by this manager, hence making him or her to be crucial for the success of this project (Robinson, & da Cruz, 2018).Starbucks Corporation Coffee Delivery Project Statement of WorkProject GoalsThe main goals of this project include;Ø To be the main supplier of coffee products during this period of coronavirus pandemic.Ø Fulfilling the desire of the company’s customers more especially during this period of coronavirus pandemic.Ø Boosting the company’s financial position during this hard economic times.Scope of WorkProject DeliverablesØ Hot coffee Ø Cold coffeeØ Delivery servicesPeriod of PerformanceThe performance of this project in consideration to the above deliverables will be conducted for the period which is undefined. However, the delivery services will be terminated once the coronavirus pandemic ends. But as long as the coronavirus pandemic exists, the performance will continue (Robinson, & da Cruz, 2018).LocationThis project will be carried out in all the States of the United States whether they are in a lockdown or not. Similarly, the project will be undertaken in all countries globally where the company do offer its services. This will require the authorization from the involved governments for the purpose of ensuring that the project doesn’t interfere with the measures being taken by the respective governments to curb the spread of Coronavirus (Wu, Yang, Tang, & Liao, 2017).StandardsThe project will have to comply with the health standards of food production, packaging and distribution in the local as well as international standard levels. This will entirely ensure that quality and hygiene standards are observed when cooking, packing as well as distributing the hot and cold coffee. Also, the individuals who will be involved in the delivery of the coffee to the customers will be supplied with the recommended standard protective gears to make them risk free from the coronavirus when they are at work (Voigt, Buliga, & Michl, 2017).Acceptance CriteriaFor the project to be accepted, it must be recognized by the local and international governments. Secondly, it must be offering standard and quality foods which are up to date, that is unexpired foods. The production and distribution services should be undertaken by only the licensed and hence recognized individuals (Voigt, Buliga, & Michl, 2017).Supplier identification methodsThere are various methods which can be used in the identification of a supplier. Some of these methods include; Challenge;this method entails inviting many suppliers into a tender challenge which is kind of a competition. The one which wins the challenge like in terms of price quoting as well as the quality of the products that the supplier suppliers. Looking at the reputation of the supplier; this method entails tracing the effectiveness of the supplier from other companies or even from the market or industry history of the supplier. For the case of this corporation’s suppliers, they were found through challenge method where applications where invited from those who wanted to be the company’s suppliers and selections were made as per the quality and price quotations (Bassoli, 2019).Vendor Selection Matrix Criteria Weight (1-5) Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Distance of the vendor from the company store 4 Mode of Payment 4 Customer Age 6 Ordering mode 3 The credit worthiness of the vendor to the company 5 8 9 1 Routine customer of the company products 4 5 3 6 The quantity of coffee ordered 2 7 1 4 Income status of the customer 1 1 1 1  Project Gantt-ChartReferences:Bassoli, D. G. (2019). 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