Starbucks Can the Brand be Revitalised

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It is also important to consider that the management of the company is so much busy in coming up with new products and services that the core product of the company which is high-quality coffee has been neglected. Along with this, there has been the drastic shift in the level of the quality of the service provided by the outlets. Customers have been complaining about the lost experience which was a trademark of Starbucks.
&nbsp.In view of all these marketing challenges and issues, management of Starbucks has been looking forward to changing the overall positioning of the brand. In this regard, it is important to first analyze and evaluate the current services marketing mix of the company and look for the room for improvements. Apart from this, the new marketing strategies should be devised keeping in view the changing preferences and needs of the target market.
&nbsp.In this report, an attempt has been made to analyze the importance of branding, brand strategy, and brand positioning for the Starbucks. Along with this, the strategy of repositioning the brand is also evaluated along with existing marketing issues and challenges faced by the company and the services marketing mix of the company. The report also suggests the possible adaption or changes in the service marketing mix which should be incorporated into the company in order to reposition the brand in effective and efficient manner.