Stanley Tookie Williams

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Stanley Tookie Williams III had a tough upbringing. Not only was he born to a young mother who was still in her teenage years, he was also abandoned by his father at the age of one, which led to her mother moving to Los Angeles for work. As an only child with a teenage single mother, he had to experience inadequate parenting. This lack of supervision by an adult led to him being a naughty child in the streets where things were not always straight for him. William talks about how he was introduced to street fights when he spent time with irresponsible adults as they abused drugs, gambled and even fought. He was paid by these adults if he could win a fight they had bet on him. Stanley Tookie Williams III also faced bullying when he was twelve, he started carrying simple weapons such as a knife in order to protect himself from the bullies in the streets.
Stanley Tookie Williams III was brought up by a young single mother. Her mother was uneducated and so they had to live in a poor neighborhood. She also had to work most of the time, making him a latchkey child who was rarely under supervision. The poor neighborhood in which Stanley Tookie Williams III grew up may also be seen as reason for his later actions. He lived around people with the kind of lifestyle that would transform him into a life of crime and violence.
William had written numerous works that were geared towards educating youth about the risks of joining a gang. His literature includes Blue Rage, Black Redemption, a book which he wrote and was forwarded by Tavis Smiley. The book has an epilogue written by Barbara Becnel who was his co-author as well as his spokesman. In this book, Williams (2007) recounts the innocent beginnings of the Crips gang, a gang he helped to create and found. He recounts that their intention was to start a protection group.
As he says, the intention of the Crips was to