Stagnancy Kills Life

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I am a simple human being who is living a simple life in the state of Texas in a city called El Paso in country called the United States of America. I am not a philosopher or a psychologist or a millionaire to have a brilliant outlook towards life. Hence, what is stored in this time capsule is a genuine representation of the way the common people lived their life in the year 2010. It will give you an idea about how an ordinary life of mine was transformed into an extraordinary life because of the brilliant contributions in the field of music, literature, art, movies, cultural phenomenon etc. Looking at the past, I can see that there has been a tremendous change in the lifestyle of people with inventions of machineries and computers. However, one can definitely realize that even if the material and social aspects of life have changed, the emotional and the mental aspects of human beings have remained the same. That is, the emotions of love, affection, bonding, fear and comfort are the same as it was hundreds of years back. Also, the mental aspects like ambition, desires, power and basic needs have remained the same. This shows that even though the external means through which people try to fulfill their internal needs have changed from ages to ages, the basic human tendencies have remained same from ages. Hence, I am sure that the time capsule that I am going to leave to be opened after hundred years will help the people who open it to realize that no matter what changes a human being goes through on the material level, or how much ‘modern’ he becomes, his need for human touch will always remain the same.