Staff motivation

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Infact, Conndrey (2010) asserts that as a key internal force to satisfy the unsatisfied needs, staff motivation is capable of directing individuals’ behaviours in order to satisfy the particular needs.Thus, management ought to not only understand what the staff need but also how to satisfy those needs. It is within this backdrop therefore that this particular paper intends provide a proposal on management staff motivation with a case study of the Dnata Marhaba Department.The major focus of this particular research is to investigate staff motivation and the effectiveness of the Human Resource Management programs at the Dnata Marhaba Department in the Dubai International Airport. The research intends to respond to the below questions:According to Patterson (2003), there is considerately a smaller number of research or studies regarding the relationship between staff motivation and management. This particular study will try to investigate that relation within the context of the Dnata Marhaba Department of the Dubai International Airport (Patterson 2003, p88). The perspective of employee motivation is significantly associated with the effective implementation of HRM practices. The study will try to combine several theories of both HRM and motivation so as to explore those that are relevant to the organization under study. The discussions will be handled with a major focus on three important factors that influence motivation including compensation and benefits. training and development and performance managementAlthough developments in terms of technology have transformed the place of work in recent years, there is no doubt that human beings still play a significant role in as far as the operation of an organization is concerned. As a result, it can be argued that human factor is very critical to the success of any organization. As highlighted