Stacking Passengers in Airplanes

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Before this proposal, Airbus had issued a different patent that proposed using bicycle-style airplane seats, with French-based firm Zodiac Seats proposed face-to-face style seats in airplanes. These issues bring some pressing concerns to the passengers who travel using air, as they fear the airlines might demand that passengers pay an extra plane that transports the passenger luggage. Paying an extra plane means increased spending, a factor many people are not comfortable complying to.
Another issue that comes with the Airbus plan is the limited amount of space each passenger will have. It is already hard enough that passengers have to complain about the limited legroom, and now they will face a bigger conundrum of watching that they fit in the hollow space provided. This is because the arrangement would push traveling passengers very close to the ceiling of the plane. Also, many people decide to travel by air not because of the speed, but because of the adequate room, the comfortable space, and not crowded space that allows for free movement within the aircraft. Many people fear that stacking the airplanes would be like traveling by bus, which would be much less comfortable.The company executives compared the unused space in aircrafts with the passenger cabins, which are fitted with multiple rows of passenger seats. The seats also have very limited space between them and small space for seats. The airline seems to copy this style of designing and try to incorporate its effectiveness in aircrafts.