SPSS Homework

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line and therefore meets the direction, magnitude, unit inter-distance, and absolute zero properties of the ratio scale (Frankfort-Nachmias and Leon-Guerrero, 2011. Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, 2011).
The statistics suggests longer training among Michigan officers than among Ohio officers. The difference means of the two groups, with mean being considered the most reliable measure because of its consideration of rank and magnitude of data points, is large and therefore supports this.
From the measures of dispersion, it can be concluded that training among Michigan officers is more differentiated to include a wider range of hours. A majority of Michigan officers are however trained for longer period than officers from Ohio are. Standard deviation, skewedness and inter-quartile range values shows this.
I would choose the disciplinary board because while its mean has been low, its standard deviation has also been low and promises a confidence interval of less than 1. This means that the number of days will be barely 100. The warden offers an average of 115 days and with a low confidence interval of less than four, the number of days cannot be as low as those for the disciplinary board. I will therefore choose the board because its sentence will always be lower than that of the