Sports Coaching

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As a response, I had to be a bit serious and always in a stern face as a way of creating some difference. In spite of not being used to such facial expressions, I had to shift into it for the first few weeks before things cooled down. As if that the issue was not a problem, some of the older boys were involving themselves in harmful activities such as alcohol and smoking that made them poor in performance during training. The smoking players panted a lot besides coughing so much hence lowering the full efficiency of training. The drunkards gave me hard times especially if they had taken alcohol in the previous night. They could perform little in that they are exhausted and not fully to their senses. Such awkward behaviors affected the training process so much. In addition, due to different age groups, there was a problem in balancing the teams in that some of the boys were older and stronger than others. Balancing such a team was tricky in that if all the strong boys were grouped in one team, the other team would be weakened (Mobley, 1977).Still, during the training, I found my ethics a bit poor in that I was used to handling mature people only. Now that I was involved in the young generation, I had to adopt multiple systems of running things. This was because of the different age groups required to be handled in a special manner. Since I was developing a young team of great importance in the future, I had to apply all measures that would not lower my team’s self-esteem and future dreams. The boys were poor in training but that did not close their dreams of being famous footballers in the world. Therefore, I was to keep increasing their morale and telling them that they can as a way of giving them hopes. The self-concept changes over time as one age, and it develops as a result of experience. This shows that the more one is experienced, the more challenges he has come along hence, the more competent he is (D.E.S., 2008).