Sport and Leisure Management

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Once that was done we had to pick the day for the event, and we picked Friday 13th March. This is because it was the same day as Comic relief our chosen charity.I would like to thank The Student Union (SU) for providing the £150 for the event to take place and also for providing us with the prizes hanks to the SU for the free prizes they had provided us with which was T-Shirts for the winners.My allocated weightings were the same for Thomas Rose, Brandon, Liam, Daniel Dinnen and myself. The allocation reflects the fact that everyone had the same involvement on the event day and everyone contributed equally. This was either getting the teams, prizes, refereeing or filling in scores. Unfortunately, one member did not turn up till near the end and didn’t really contribute to the event of the day. This is why I equally distributed everyone else the same weighting. Although Dan did not get the teams he was supposed to, he was there and still helped on the Event Day. My contribution was to fill in the scores at the end of the games and get two teams to play which was more than anyone else. Brandon was on the laptop taking results and ensuring that everything was in place while Tom and Liam refereed. Dan also referred in a few games.Ten teams were needed to break even the £150 that would be used to hire the pitches. This was not possible since we had only six teams which would not have catered for the break even costs and it meant making a loss. With the turn of events we were, we had to pay the remaining amount from our pockets to supplement the deficit. Sale of raffles did not take place as we had planned and this meant more reduction of the projected profits. Our initial target of minimum eight teams was not possible since teams were pulling out of the tournament, though this was our fault for not gathering money beforehand to prevent them from withdrawing. Brandon Bryan, Tom Rose, Liam