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1. topic analysis2. outline3. self- assessmentTOPIC YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT.1. Abortion 2. Beer Pong 3. Benefits of music 4. Benefits of traveling 5. Breakfast most important 6. Breastfeeding 7. Cheerleading is a sport 8. Childhood obesity. 9. College Athletes should be paid 10.Community college vs a university 11.Dogs vs Cats 12.Donating blood 13.Drinking and driving 14.Drinking water 15.Dumb Laws 16.Eating healthy 17.Go to college 18.Get enough sleep 19.Laugh or smile more 20.Learning a 2nd language 21.Organ donation 22.Peanut-butter & jelly sandwich 23.Pet adoption/own a pet 24.Pitbulls 25.Procrastination 26.Raise the drinking age 27.Recycling 28.Seat-belts 29.Smile more 30.Smoking 31.Teen pregnancy 32.Texting while driving 33.The Dallas Cowboys 34.Tipping 35.Uniforms in school 36.Why you should vote 37.Working out/Exercise11/05/202025english