Special needs kids and family DB 3

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Based on The Exceptional Child: Inclusion in Early Childhood Education book Chapter 3, Given all of the information you have reviewed in the first section of the Allen text (Chapters 1–3), think about children you have worked with in the past, currently work with or children you know (ie family, friends). Answer these two questions:1. What are some red flags you have seen or may see in young children that would indicated a need for a referral or a discussion about evaluating? This can be in regards to physical, behavioral, communicative, or overall development. List at least 3.2. List a way you could or have approach/ed the family with your concerns. You can write it as conversational (ie, “Hi, ….”). (This could be one answer for all of the red flags in #1 above.)Post must include at least one in-text citation (Specific page number as well) and at least one reference in a labeled “References” section at the end of your post.17/05/20205english