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Short Essay 2: The Great DepressionDocuments A-J reveal political actions taken in response to the Great Depression (1929-41).  Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, (a) address how and why federal power expanded during the time period, and (b) evaluate the success and necessity of political measures taken.Cite using italicized title (Herbert Hoover’s).1. Document A: Herbert Hoovers’sAnti-New Deal Speech Document B: Bonus Army route video (also in YawpCh 23) Document C: President Franklin Delano Roosevelts1stInaugural Document D: Photo of Breadline in New York City, c 1930. Document E: Emergency Banking Act of 1933 Document F: CCC Document G: Resettlement Administration Poster Document H: Migrant Mother Document I: FDR’sSocial Security Speech Document J: Court Packing Cartoon have been provided 10documents.Use at least 5-6.Then, write a 3-5 page essay answering the question. Be sure you include a thesis statement, reference at least five primary sources, and incorporate appropriate historical content and context.