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Suggested ResourcesThe resources provided here are optional. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; however, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. TheMHA-FP5064 Health Care Information Systems Analysis and Design for Administrators Library Guidecan help direct your research, and the Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you.The Role of Informatics in Health CareThe following articles address the increasingly important role of informatics, which may provide useful insight when examining the data needs of an organization.Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. (2017).Data and program reports. Retrieved from The Web page provides access to Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program payment and registration data contained in various reports.Chen, M., Lukyanenko, R., & Tremblay, M. C. (2017).Information quality challenges in shared healthcare decision making.Journal of Data and Information Quality (JDIQ), 9(1), 1–3.o Discusses the challenges for patients in making sense of the enormous volume of health information made available through current information and communications technologies and how the quality of that information affects shared decision-making between patients and providers.Crawford, M. (2014).Making data smart.Journal of AHIMA, 85(2), 24–27, 28.o Discusses applied informatics and how it can be used to derive useful information from big data, as health care becomes a data-driven industry.Dinov, I. D. (2016).Methodological challenges and analytic opportunities for modeling and interpreting big healthcare data.GigaScience, 5(1), 1–15.o Discusses the challenges of big data analysis and addresses the need for technology and education in creating valuable knowledge assets from big data.Hegwer, L. R. (2014).Digging deeper into data.Healthcare Financial Management, 68(2), 80–84.o Discusses the role of data analysts in improving the financial and clinical performance of health care organizations.