Sorting device for metal stampings experiment / FLUID POWER

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Result and Discussion This section analyzes the result of the experiment done with regard to sorting device and metal stamping. The experiment was conducted with less difficulty and less error has occurred during the lab practice. The different devices were connected together primarily to start the experiment. The devices like single displacement cylinder, pressure gauge, control valve, push button valve were the main ones included to proceed with the experiment. When the setting up and connection was done, the green button on push button valve was pressed. It was noticed that on rotation of the one – way control valve, the top pressure gauge worked faster. It should be understood that the metal stamping device was positioned randomly and actuating the valve had an enormous impact on the pressure regulator placed beneath.It is also noticed that when the one way control valve is rotated clock wise ,the pressure gauge goes slower to reach 6. Since there are 2 pressure gauges, the effect is different as the push button valve is pressed. It was seen that when the push button is pressed the lower pressure gauge went to 6immediately. It was understood through the experiment that the pressure gauge had a crucial part to play in the lab activity. The pressure gauge was regulated by a regulator and as the pressure loaded by the push button activated the whole device and worked the metal stamping device as required. In the experiment, the pressure regulation was seen as the major activity and the single displacement cylinder and pressure regulator functioned solely with the pressure given on the push button valve.