Son Mexicano Folk Music Decima Style in Poetry

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Son means sound, and son Mexicano means Mexican folk music from the countryside. Why rural Mexican folk music is given this name is because it marks a clear colonial difference between the musica and the son, where musica is the music played in church and son is the noise type music which all and sundry played. Due to&nbsp.son Mexicano great popularity, it is now played even in urban regions. There are various types of son depending upon the rural folk music it categorizes, and every type has its own unique instrumentation.
Puerto Rico decimas are octosyllabic, where each stanza has 10 lines, with the rhyming scheme of ABBAACCDDC. Decimas are often improvised, and the improviser is known as decimero. Decimeros improvise decimas in folklore poetic competitions known as payadas. They confront the primary message in the decimas. For example, they respond to the satirical decima with a kind decima, and come up with a duet song that becomes an extempore creative improvising of a satirical decima.