Someone Who Inspires Me

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She has been part of my life since birth and has been an essential part of my upbringing, having sacrificed a lot to take care of me until today. Her unconditional love is unquestionable, and honestly, I have become the person I am today because of my mom. That is why I adore my mom with all my heart, not only because she is my mom, but because she has all the qualities that you can desire in a mother.We are a family of three siblings. I have a little brother and a big sister, but I am the favorite in our family. I have learned various lessons from my mom which are:To be kind and loving.My mom told me how to adapt these personal values without being vulnerable to people who take advantage of such qualities from someone.To be resilient when facing a lot of troubles.My mom’s life is a great inspiration not only for me but for my other siblings, especially my little brother, who is looking up to me for guidance.Resilient Amidst the Biggest TroublesIt has not always been a smooth road for my mom as she went through misfortunes and troubles in her life. She said that she once had parents but told me that she lost them at only five years old, which was quite a traumatic experience. After the tragedy, she went to live with her aunt. My mom’s childhood was rocky, and you can easily know from her protective upbringing of her children. One of the most amazing things about my mom is that regardless of the trouble she faces, she always comes out strong. It is the resilience that I admire most, and when I discovered that I am her favorite child, I was heavily impressed.At one time, when I was only five, I requested my mother to take me to my godmother, and her answer perplexed me. She was resentful of the idea and even said that she did not have time to take me to her. I was a resilient child, a trait that I picked from my mother, and the next day while at school, I tricked my godmother’s sister. I came up with a convincing story of how my mom had requested her to spend the entire weekend with me at their house. Having given a compelling account, she couldn’t resist and did as she was told. She took me with her, and when our maid came to school to pick me up, she couldn’t find me. Our maid started getting worried about my disappearance and called my mom’s office to inform her about the turn of events. They started looking for me everywhere and even involved family members, neighbors, and friends, but no one could come up with a hint of my whereabouts. You see, my mother had no idea that I could have been with my godmother.The worst thing about all this is that my father was out of the country for a job mission. Surprisingly, I made it to the radio, and my godmother heard my name being announced. Immediately, she connected the dots and realized I had lied to her sister. She took me back home, where I found my mother crying in intense pain. Seeing her agony, I apologized for my mistake and wept deeply. My mother has a kind heart to tolerate mistakes, and she went ahead to forgive me immediately. Nothing changed as she gives my endless love asking nothing in return.The Hardest Part – Leaving My MotherI don’t know how I got lucky, but the day I won the lottery (green card), I was stunned as it was a life-changing moment. I loved my mother’s company and told my sister that I don’t desire to leave my mother to take a pane to the United States. Although my sister told her of my worries, I never got to know her reply. That day, I went to a friend’s house for a party, and my mother came to pick me up later. She noticed my gloominess out of the reality of going far away from my mother. That was one of the hardest decisions that I ever had to make.With simple and encouraging words, my mother smiled and said that everything is going to be okay from that day. She informed me that it was an excellent opportunity for me to grow and that I should stop thinking about leaving her. You are going to be fine, just concentrate on school and remain your mom’s favorite, she said. This was one of the most inspiring moments and is my inspiration for Someone Who Inspires Me Essay. Every time I feel down, I remember what my mother said, which provides me the strength and will power to overcome difficulty. Over time, I have been working towards becoming as strong and resilient as my mother and don’t want to be weak anymore.